Final Thoughts

People say that it is the journey and not the destination that matters. The experience of hiking is what constitutes the hike. Many people judged me for hiking hard and said that I was missing the experience. The trail was always there, even when I moved quickly, it just looked different. I didn’t miss anything- I just hiked to a different tune. Hike your own hike- no hike is better or worse than any other. I loved doing big miles and I loved my experiences while doing so; this is when the trail was most alive for me. No one should feel poorly about or judge the way others hike- this is a reflection of ego. Hike your own hike in the face of judgment. There is no need to justify or prove yourself to anyone as long as you are blossoming, growing, learning, laughing, loving- this is all the justification you will ever need in life. Life is beautiful; share it with grace, respect and dignity. Happy trails friends.

“Happiness is only real when shared.” Alexander Supertramp


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