Winter 2016

Winter drives us all inside. This final season clearly  demonstrates why it is necessary for people to live indoors. As much as I miss my tent, feeling the sun say good morning and hearing birds instead of alarms, I must come to terms with the harshness of this season. The hostile cold is here. No matter what beauty resides within this time of year, it is harsh.

I moved to Minnesota about two weeks ago. Tonight the temperature outside is -4 degrees. I’ve been experimenting with short winter day hikes and indoor climbing gyms.



  1. hmmm… interesting.
    1. i like your photo
    2. im from houston texas, i was just talking to another blogger yesterday about how jealous i am not being able to take any snow or ice pictures, but you brought up a valid point that almost makes me feel lucky. That point being with no snow or ice here its easier for me to hike and camp year round. (todays high is 54 which is the lowest its been all week)


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