Tray Mountain

GA A.T 150GA A.T 152

GA A.T 153GA A.T 165March 30 2015

Mother Earth and I climbed to Tray Mountain shelter the next day and saw a dismal, muddy scene. It looked like the remnants of something frightful. We were glad we had chosen to take a six mile day and rest.  We walked along, toiling over some big climbs to Deep Gap Shelter.It was a well crafted two storied shelter with wood carvings. Tonight we met Red Hot and Shortbus. Moonbow and Lightning Bug showed up and excitedly claimed a top bunk spot in the cute shelter.

That night I was filling my water bottles and made yet another mistake. My system was to fill them all without pause and then cap them all. I was just finishing up as a person walked by. I looked up to say hello and I knocked the bottles over like a sad game of dominoes.  I grumpily put them all upright and began pumping again. Another lesson learned.

Mom is trying to teach em to write Tanka poetry:


Blossoms of dead leaves,

Up steep mountains sides they,


Little butterflies.



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