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March 31 2015

Another alarming problem presented itself to us at this point. My mom and I were both running out of toilet paper. It was surprising how the body responds to extreme exhaustion and dehydration. We both needed to go to town so at the next gap we caught a ride to Top of Georgia with Guardian. We showered, grabbed some toilet paper and headed back to trail.

At the trailhead we met Foxy and Wingnut who were handing out home-made muffins. They were hiking with two little dogs. We hiked a few miles to the Plum Orchard shelter and picked a couple spots inside for the night. It was a beautiful shelter with two stories and wooden carved eves.  People started piling in and the shelter filled up for the night. I made and sat by the fire with Paul Bunyan (later Leviticus) when a group of four guys wandered into camp. This was the first time I met my would-be tramily: Chan, Roadrunner, Chewy and Sota’ Sam set up next to us in the shelter. They were chattering away and fun to listen to. Chewy was strutting around attracting attention. I remember wondering if Chewy was a girl for at least a few hours. This was a fun, social night hanging out with my tramily, T-storm, Foxy and Wingnut! There were at least ten other people there that night.

It was a fun night until the rain came pelting down, upsetting some hammock dwellers who hadn’t set up rain tarps.


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