You keep me in my senses,

I hear the clanking of modern machines.

I smell the exhaust of a world giving up.

I feel the stares coming from opened windows.

And see the locks on their doors.

I yell sometimes because the world is too loud.

They walk in with drunken staggers,

Slurred thoughts for a blurry day,

It’s spinning,

And spinning,

And spinning,

And they all want to fall down.

But they won’t,

Hope wakes us all up in the morning,

Some hope comes with a bad hangover,

“I’ll see you tomorrow if the Lord wakes me in the morning.”

Everyday a hangover,

For a world not worth living in.


But when I wake,

I feel your arms around me,

Two eyes peering back from a tangle of hair,

I listen to us breathe each other in,

Warm sunlight and the birds are finally singing again,

The world is always spinning,

Let’s not take that for granted.

-Captain Planet, for Flask


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