NC/GA line

April 1 2015

GA A.T 232GA A.T 235GA A.T 237GA A.T 243GA A.T 254 GA A.T 264GA A.T 248


April was our final day in the state of Georgia. We crossed the line around lunch time, walking up to find Roadrunner and the gang admiring the NC\GA line. We took their picture and they moved along. Awhile later Chewy came wandering up and excitedly watched as a woodpecker landed on the state sign. Mom and I toiled up Bly gap, and at this point mom was hurting.

We camped away from Muskrat creek shelter and resigned to an anti-social night, hoping that a little solace would heal our injuries. Mother Earth wasn’t eating her food, and I was getting worried. Wingnut and Foxy set up camp next to us. Their site looked like a pack that exploded in the form of a fortress. They set up lines and made walls out of everything in their packs. We sat by the fire and chatted for awhile and became better friends.  This shelter was my first experience with someone getting off trail. Peaches and Steeltoe were walking together and Steeltoe got off trail due an injury. I remember getting to a view with Peaches and seeing his sad gaze extend out over the horizon.  His sadness permeated everything, but I couldn’t understand why just yet.



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