April 7 2015


I totally stole these pictures from Sam! Thanks Sam ^_^11092567_10106012644618920_89778635_n11119056_10106012637772640_795968235_n11139700_10106012639389400_681417100_n

IMG_3567 IMG_3568

My first nero (near zero mile day) was spent doing yoga by the river, filling out paperwork for the smoky mountains and drinking beer at the café. I picked up my drop box and ate the various goodies I included. I had a lot of extra meals meant for Mother Earth that I gave to my tramily.

The exciting portion of the day was spent watching Sam create an epic mess and sort the chaos into some sort of organization. Sam had a way of making a mess that is unparalleled in any other hiker. I took a series of messy Sam pictures because it was always made me laugh. We also spent a few good minutes watching Chewy lance a blister that he had named. It was the first sign of hiker trash.

In the evening, Chewy, Sota’ Sam  and I went for a walk to look at the waterfall down river. When we came back to our room we discovered that no one grabbed a key. The cabin had an outside security door that led to a hallway so knocking wasn’t going to get us in. Roadrunner had stayed inside, so we yelled towards the upstairs window. He was listening to music while falling asleep and couldn’t hear us calling. We stood outside for a long while throwing pine cones at the upstairs window and singing “What’s Going On” loudly. As we were deciding who was going to climb up to the balcony he finally came out on the porch and laughed at us.


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