The Great Smoky Mountains

April 10 2015


Climbing higher

Mother Earth and Kevin brought trail magic to Fontana Dam. We were a mess. They unpacked their car and drove the tramily to town for a resupply while I stuffed myself full of donuts and kale. I packed my bag for the Great Smoky Mountains. The ground was white, as if snow covered, with a blanket of flowers. Sam and I moved quickly as we climbed higher and higher towards the tallest point on trail. We packed into Russell Field shelter that night and listened to the mice dance their springtime dance.



  1. Wow, I just read all of your posts in one hit. What a brilliant writer you are. Reading your words transported me to another place and time. Memories came flooding back from my own thru hike. Thank you for sharing your inner most thoughts and memories. It was a true gift to share a small part of the trail with you. Tara aka Lift’n Step


    1. Thanks Tara! You were such an important part of my thru-hike…you were one of the last few people I connected with on trail, after a long, lonely walk. So glad we hiked together! I will come visit you someday.


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