Leaving town


I was dreading the rocky climb out of Hot Springs because I remembered it from a southbound section hike I did in 2014. I thought the miles of downhill would prove an exhausting uphill, but really the only element slowing us down was the rain.

I was itching to get back on trail and woke the guys up at sunrise to hike out of Hot Springs. We hiked out in a storm, as I often found myself doing. That night we stayed at a five man shelter with Fiddlehead and Lean-to. I met Sublime and Lean-to at this shelter. We pulled the tarp over the front which offered people the sad surprise of a full shelter when they pulled back the wind block. We had been marveling at blow up hanging lamps in hot springs and decided to hiker trash it and put our headlamps around our water bottles dispersing the illumination and lighting up the small shelter.  We had several lamps and played cards until night came.


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