4/30/2015 Kincora



The next morning we cruised along towards Kincora, the legendary hostel of Bob Peoples. As we walked along the road towards the hostel, we noticed worn down country houses, abandoned barns and decaying farmhouses cluttered with collections of rusty junk . We were relieved to find Kinkora a homey stone building covered in ivy.

Bob Peoples was friendly and full of exciting travel stories. The ceiling and walls of the entire building were covered in Appalachian Summit pictures. I looked at the many faces of extreme relief, of happiness, and saw a testament to passionate bliss that very few people get to experience in their life. The walls of Kincora are living proof of bliss. Bob Peoples has several thousand cats, so I opted to clean the hostel as payment for my stay. Later in the evening Bob packed about twenty hikers into the back of his pick-up and drove us down to the local grocery store. We frenzied through the aisles collecting peanut butter, honey buns, tortillas and various forms of chocolate and caffeine.

In the interest of being cheap I made an extra backpacking dinner for dinner. Pad Thai is decidedly much better with peanut butter, oil and hydrated carrots. As my entertainment for the evening I sewed up Sam’s broken shoes with some dental floss and duct tape.

I stayed at Kincora with Wild Turkey, Flame, Flask, No-one, Miami Vice, Jeopardy, Miles, Roo, Sam, Fiddlehead and several other hikers. At one point, Jeopardy dropped something behind the stove and provided some extra entertainment as he ventured into layers of dirt and grease to retrieve it.


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