5/4/2016 Damascus


Thoughts of a warm breakfast stirred us from our tents. Everyone was up early and ready to get to town for a greasy plate of eggs and hash browns followed by coffee and ice cream. We walked into Damascus early in the morning and crossed over the TN/VA line as a group.

Damascus was a welcoming, hiker friendly town. We stayed all day to shower and do laundry. I resupplied both with a box I’d sent myself at the outfitters and at the dollar store. Sam and I charged our phones at a local coffee shop. We walked out of town around 5pm. We hiked away from Chewy and Fiddlehead as they were waiting to meet Rain and do the next section at a slower pace. My feet were itching for trail. I really wanted to hike hard. Sam and I packed out Subway which we consumed at a picnic area where the AT meets the Creeper bike trail. A kind family gave us  some iced tea to accompany our meal. We climbed up to the first shelter and found a beautiful tent site. That evening a deer crept around our tents making lots of noise. I spent the night terrified by unseen creatures and imagined bears.


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