500 Miles


It was such an amazing moment to hit 500 miles. The enormity of walking that far wasn’t really believable even though we had walked it. This feeling made hiking the entire trail seem possible. Time was flying by, and every day was a new day.  It felt as if we had just started because so much was happening.At the same time it felt as if we had been out there for years because there were already so many memories. The contradiction was confusing and stimulating. I am so glad that I got to experience this moment with Sam! I’m gonna miss seeing you Sam ^_^

Trail log:

We hit the one quarter mark today!!!! We met some hikers who said they saw a mountain lion. Sam saw a snake and a tent worm city. We ate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches by the river. It was a most fanciful day. A farmer driving along the country road saw me standing with one foot on either side of the fence as I was climbing over between pastures. I paused and waved and we both laughed. We climbed two mountains today and I was not attacked by ponies as I had previously imagined. I saw one cow today and I’ve topped off the night with an Everclear apple cider. Sam and I had a fun time hanging the bear bag. Sam powered through his shin splints today. We saw a cloud of moths this morning and we heard a lot of good stories around the campfire, except there was no fire.

I woke up in an abandoned shelter this morning. I survived the night again! My feet, knees, calves and butt hurt. A lot.

The rhododendron started blooming today and I picked up two ticks. Yay spring. I must sleep now.

Walk through the pain,

Walk through fever,

Walk through Sam’s farts,

Walk through fear,

Just keep walking and we’ll get there.



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