5/7/2016 Marion Resupply


Sam and I hiked to Partnership Shelter with the intent of staying the night and using the solar shower. I showered in the dirty stall and peeked upstairs to see if there was room only to find a body completely unaware of the world. Was he sleeping or was he dead? We caught a ride into Marion for the night from a religious activist. In the back of her van our smelly packs rolled around with REPENT signs. She left us at a decaying, local motel: Hikers Welcome. Sam unpacked his bag and the messy explosion of stinky gear began. That night we feasted on shared pizza. In the morning we resupplied at Walmart, pushing our dirty packs around in a cart. Outside of the Walmart we sat down by a trash can and disposed of all the heavy packaging.

We caught a local bus back up to partnership shelter and got back on trail the next day. I met Paperclip and Cinderella before we went to Marion. I had been reading Cinderella’s logs and was very excited to finally meet her!




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