Life is Frail 


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The flowers were in full bloom as we hiked through cow pastures and meadows . The trail meandered between public and private land for most of Virginia. I often marveled on trail at how many hands and voices went into the creation of this trail:

The participation is overwhelming. Walking from GA-ME is thought of as an unbelievable accomplishment, but the formation and preservation of the Appalachian Trail is a much greater accomplishment. The preservation of the land and the consent of the land-owners involved demands respect. I often saw hikers forgetting what a privilege it is to be allowed, free of charge, without permit or reservation, to walk this path and sleep on this ground. To those who were banned from towns, shut down thru-hiker resources, or in general behaved without respect, I beg you to recognize the great privilege you enjoy. I hope that people can realize this before our freedoms and rights become regulated. In the near future thru-hiking will require permits. In turn the chaotic magic, the random connectivity, of the trail may dissipate. Is senseless fun more important than the beauty of trail? Don’t pick the flowers for yourself.

We wandered through fields of blossoms and bright green grass. We passed an historic school house laden with lilac and trail magic. I remember thinking that this is “heaven on earth.”We had dinner at the Red Barn where the food was worse than my dehydrated food. I was sorry to have spent the money. Sam and I camped with Parks at the Davis path campsite which felt like a haunted place due to the remains of a burnt down shelter.

Today I met Wonderland , Twilight Zone and Bloop Bleep! I love these amazing hikers ❤


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