Happy Birthday Frosty!


If anyone has pictures of this day and wants to share, then I would greatly appreciate it!

All of the hikers were up and out early, cruising towards the rumored trail magic. At the next road we caught a shuttle to a local church where a full breakfast was laid out on a long table. Pancakes, eggs, porridge, yogurt, fruit and snacks were all laid out for us. The pastor played songs on his acoustic guitar and we chatted with the local volunteers.

When we got back to trail I took a hiker bath in the river.

Today I hiked with a large group off and on. We collected together at some trail magic by the highway where I met Just Mike and Frosty. It was Frosty’s birthday so we all decided to stay at Jenny Knob Shelter and throw him a birthday party. I made a slight mistake of giving him the rest of our Everclear. We convinced him that this poor inch worm that was dangling in his face from a web was like the worm at the bottom of a bottle of tequila…he chomped it out of the air. By the end of the night he was passed out in the shelter and zeroed there the next day.

Trail Log:

This is such a privilege.

We hustled to a pancake breakfast this morning! A church group drove into the forest and shuttled us down to the church to eat every kind of breakfast food and spend the morning listening to the minister play guitar and laugh. This is the best trail magic I’ve experienced. What a magical morning, human kindness is abounding.

When we got back to the river I basked in the warm sunlight and bathed in the freezing river. More trail magic awaited us near the highway. Powerade and cheesy poofs made lunch. We continued on to a shelter and met Frosty. It is his birthday today so we drank all of our booze. He finished the Everclear and ate a poor little inch worm that happened to be dangling in his face.

There might be a bear stalking us. Goodnight and sweet dreams.


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