Trail Days

May 15 2015


The most difficult thing on trail was definitely navigating attachment and detachment. Whenever I go on a journey or have a life changing experience, I usually gain a new question, a new topic to wonder about in life. This is a question that I’ve only just begun to understand: How can we love without becoming overly attached? I’m referring all kinds of love. How do we cope when the person, place lifestyle is suddenly removed from our lives? When people walked away on trail it felt as if someone had died. The intensity of emotions on and off trail is baffling. How can I mourn the loss of a stranger? And how can I walk away when I know how it feels to be left?

I was supposed to be partying at trail days, but I just wanted to hike. I bought a pair of trail runners and wandered around the vendors. My water filter was clogged and the representative replaced the filter free of charge.  I spent the night hanging out listening to the chaotic party. I slept more than anything at trail days.



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