Returning to Trail

May 16 2015

My parents were kind enough to give myself, Sam and Bloop Bleep a ride back to Pearisburg from Damascus. That night Sam and I stayed in a common room hiker hostel at the local motel. I was surprised and how nice the hostel was in comparison to the Motel. It was a big open room filled with beds, a hiker box, common bathroom and a microwave. The walls were painted with huge murals by Pilgrim. I had been seeing these murals along trail, so I was excited to be in another one of those trail places.

Pearisburg was the last town where I saw Paul. He had a major injury and was headed back home. He seemed so happy to be going home and in so much pain. He told us it was what he wanted. He wanted to go home to his girlfriend and settle. I guess trail helps people realize what they want when it is completely absent. I had trouble relating because trail was all I wanted, but I was glad to see him go in good spirits. Sad to see him go forever away.



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