May 19 2016


I climbed back up to trail this morning. When I woke up my body ached with the knowledge that I had to start with a mile straight up. I ran it. Once I was on top I scrambled along rock ledges until I came across the Eastern Continental Divide marker. I was really excited and thought it was my duty to pee somewhere along the divide.

I swam in rivers to cool off and walked a pretty decent distance to Pickle Branch Shelter just before a well known rock formation called Dragon’s Tooth. Nurse pushed over the climb to 4 Pines hostel, but I decided to stealth camp near the shelter and enjoy another night in the woods before resupply.

I took a small spot and made camp. I strung a line and dried my sweat soaked hiking clothes. The bugs were bad so I made a small fire to drive them away and smoke the stench out my clothes. It was a perfect night so I did yoga and meditated on this uneasy feeling of loneliness that had started to grow in me throughout the day. I was ready to see friendly faces again. I missed everyone, but this was a moment I need to experience. I decided to hike to 4 Pines and wait for some friends to come along the next day. I knew there were so many great people just behind me.


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