Dragon’s Tooth and Sunset at McAfee’s Knob

May 20 2015


I am a Dragon, rawr.


Locals talked me into climbing to the top.



4 Pines Hostel


McAfee’s KnobIMG_4108


The forest was sparkling with sunlight this morning. As I scrambled up the rocky spine of Dragon’s tooth, the sun rose higher making the spring flowers glow in spots of light. I took a snack at Dragon’s tooth, looking out over the sprawling hills. I could see 4 Pines, my resupply, down below.

A couple of locals climbed up the rock spire on Dragon’s tooth and coaxed me into going to the very top. It was beautiful, but kind of scary. I had some trouble convincing myself to come down the narrow ledge.

I continued on and met an older couple painting white blazes on the trees to mark the trail. I was tickled to meet some hands that mark the way.

At the road I walked towards 4 Pines, a hiker friendly farm hostel. The owner told me to make myself at home so I took a shower and raided the hiker box.  I left a note for Chewy  along with several puddings.

I sat there for hours waiting for a friendly face to show up. I soaked my feet in salt and hung my laundry out to dry in the sun. The grassy hills were waving in the wind, and I couldn’t help but think I was wasting a beautiful day. As I sat there on the chairs outside the converted garage hostel, Bloop Bleep came walking up. He and I discussed hiking on to the knob for sunset. It was a long haul to attempt so late in the day, but after some ice cream and rest we packed our gear and ran off into the woods. Oliver, Bloop Bleep and I raced the sunset to the top of the mountain.

We made it with only minutes to spare and night hiked to our campsite. We all wandered to the water source together to fill up our bottles in the dark. The water source was located in a thick portion of the forest; it felt as if we had climbed down into a dark hole and was unsettling.

Trail Log:

The forest is glowing with the intensity of a late afternoon. The blazing heat sticks to asphalt and filters through thick rhododendron. There’s a coolness in the shade that I hadn’t expected. Spring is in full bloom. There are so many smells that I’ve never encountered. I can’t believe I am out here doing this. Although I’ve been presented with so many challenges, I feel that I still love every moment, it drives me ever onward.

I don’t think that I am finding myself out here, but I am seeking who I can be in these unpredictable situations. I am so excited for the unpredictable. So excited for who I have the possibility of being!


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