Blue Ridge Parkway

May 22 2015


I hit the trail early to get out of town quickly; I never was one for town days. I was starting the Blue Ridge Parkway, which I drove years ago on a trip with my mom. I was strange to cross the roads we drove and picnic where we stopped for lunch. The hike started off in farmland and climbed up into a heavy wooded forest. I remember taking a break at a shelter and listening to two hikers compare gear, miles, male and female hikers. I think they were being complementary, but I felt so much egoism in the talk that I climbed on up the mountain to have lunch. I saw Gigi and Magoo having lunch at an overlook and thought to stop and lunch with them, but I was in a moving mood and went on my way. I needed to find a way to deal with the pissing contests I kept encountering, so I started making silly drawings in the logbooks of waffles and donuts. At this point I was stopping at most shelters to tape skimpily clad muscle men pictures next to the skimpily clad women pictures in the back of the books. I always had fun trying to make a pair of them.

I walked way down to a dark little shelter to get water. Two men were staying there and two girls were moving on. I got weird vibes and decided to hike another mile and stealth in the woods. This ended up being my favorite campsite on trail. The sun set through thick layers of dark green leaves. I hung my bear bag, got my tent organized and settled in for a book when a couple of hikers walked past. I waved and the guy waved back. They seemed to be rolling along quickly so I thought I’d probably never see them again. This was my first encounter with my friend Gooroo.

Trail log:

May 26th Blue ridge parkway

Who knows, we all get so wrapped up in ourselves. So wrapped up that the outside world fades, we lose touch with all that we can touch, preoccupied with sensation, distracted by a one way feedback loop, disconnected from sounds, the heat, the wholeness of a world.


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