Spy Rock, 800 Miles

May 26 2015


I hiked most of the day with Just Mike. We walked away from a buggy shelter and headed to Spy Rock. We weren’t sure that it was a good plan, but the guide told us there were campsites near the rock. The rock itself was right next to several grassy campsites. We picked a site and gathered wood for a fire. As we were getting the fire going and starting dinner it started pouring rain. Big fat summer drops splatted all over us.

Mike and I just sat there, thought for a moment and resumed making dinner as if nothing were happening. I threw a log on the fire and got it roaring as the rain grew harder. We sat there with our bowls of food, gathering rain and eating peacefully.

After dinner the rain let up so we took off our shoes and climbed Spy Rock barefoot. From the top of the rocks we could see the dark clouds passing and the sun setting against the distant mountains.

Trail Log:

I just stop and laugh. It really makes my day to think that I am here, living outside, happy, enjoying a long walk, trying to stop running from my demons and face them with a new strength. What an amazing way to live. What a nice day today, with all the world in this dizzy perspective. How will I ever go back to society?


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