Confessions at the priest

May 27 2015


Walked by Priest shelter early this morning.I confessed to putting naked men in the logbooks, something I didn’t really like to make public. I also confessed to being angry about pissing contests. I told people to stop talking and hike.

Just after Priest, I met a man using manual techniques for trail maintenance. He was super inspiring and I thanked him for his hard work.

Trail log:

Today was hard. Today I fell and hurt my leg.

Today I woke up all stressed about what could be and what is or what isn’t. I was tense, sad and generally disgruntled, but I found some peace of mind. “I am at peace with the world the way that it is and with myself the way that I am.” Everything is as it should be and in this I find peace with whatever happens. What I want doesn’t matter. I am what I am, where I am and this cannot be changed. Sometimes I wish this could all be different, but that wouldn’t change my wishing.


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