May 28 2015


I spent the day hiking with Gooroo and Just Mike. We stopped at a water source for a snack and we were all silent. We were staring off into the forest and right where we were looking there was an owl staring right back at us. It flew overhead and off into the trees. In a few moments we noticed other owls, sitting in the branches, staring at us. It was a magic moment.

We went to a few overlooks today. One was off trail a bit, but when we walked out we found we were standing on a stone precipice. I grabbed the guys for a picture and knocked them both off balance.

Today was an amazing day.


Trail log:

We make choices. And with those choices come consequences. I’m going North. I’m going Now.

My sad tea bag ripped this morning. A truly sad day. I laughed at my sadness today.

Never forget that when you find yourself alone, that you choose to be alone. You wanted this as openness to the possibilities that abound. So be happy with your own company and be social. You’ve set the stage, now grow. Do not cling to fear.


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