May 29 2015


Today I camped out at a free tenting area in Waynesboro. The YMCA offered free showers for hikers. This was one of my favorite town visits.

Flask, No-one, Just Mike and I went to see the new Mad Max movie. After being in the woods we were extremely sensitive to sound, light, movement…it was an overwhelming experience. I’ve never come out of a movie feeling so overstimulated.

Later, Mike and I put down several plates at the trail famous Ming Garden buffet. I still have nice dreams about that buffet. Hikers talked about it until the end of trail. One of the hikers passed out in the grass after eating at the buffet. His giant bulging stomach gleamed in the sunlight as he digested the town food.

The problem with trail food is the cyclic process of eating. What goes in, must come out. First day back on trail after town was always full of excitement and adventures far off trail to dig massive cat-holes.

My tent pole snapped today (from heat)? Flask gave me his emergency repair tube and Mike gave me some metal patterned duct tape. It lasted for a very long time (500 miles?) until I finally ordered replacement poles from the company.

Trail Log:

Tent broke and the first summer rain. Feelin’ shitty, but determined to have a nice day.

Tent didn’t leak a drop. Someone gave me a repair kit and duct tape.

All is well.


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