Shenandonuts, 900 Miles

May 31 2015


We hiked about 20 mile days in the Shenandonuts. I decided to do some sketches with donuts and mountains in the log books. I wish I had pictures of the drawings!!!

I got a nice campsite today as I ran ahead of everyone. At dinner I was making instant mashed potatoes and my spoon broke in half.  Another hiker immediately gave me a new spoon! I was amazed. This really made my night.

In the evening I found a large toad hopping through camp. I was so excited that I grabbed it and ran over to the fire. I wanted to show someone so I handed it to Flask, like a bad kid trying to scare another kid. The toad promptly urinated all over him and made a flying escape.

May 31 hightop hut

I saw five bears today after walking 900 miles!!!

“Do insects sleep?”

Had some rough dreams last night and slammed my face into the shelter’s rock wall. I’ve got a nice skinned nose to show for it. Weird injury #1

Spoon broke whilst making instant mashed potatoes, I was immediately given a new spoon by a fellow hiker.

Deer eat birds.



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