Practical Outdoor Survival

June 1 2015


Lots of hikers gathered like buzzards outside the doorstep of the wayside. Every hiker had a beer in one hand, ice cream in the other. Today I met Columbo!!! I wasn’t sure about him at first, but he ended up being one of the most genuine and humorous personalities I met one trail.

Trail Log:

Headstones in the forest:

I was sitting in the cemetery thinking how we are only allowed to die in the mountains. We are not meant to live in the mountains. But here we are out living as fully as we can, as fully as one can imagine.

We’re all destined to end up in the big meadows of the mountains. To find peace in a chaotic world. We can’t appreciate the peace without the storm, without the pressure, without the walls. A wind blowing, a bit of us left somewhere in between breaths. They say we are out here searching for ourselves, but the more we look, the harder we try, the more lost we seem to get.



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