Goldilocks and the three bears

June 2 2015


Trail Log:

Walked up to a shelter with Gooroo today and an AT thru-hiker had taken down a section hiker’s food bag. She offered us some food which we both declined.

Like a bad play, the section hiker enters stage right about ten minutes after she leaves. The section hiker returns to find his bag open on the table, food missing and rummaged through. He asks me if I took the food so we explain what happened. I give him a hot chocolate, hummus and a pudding to help him have a better day. Then he stops and asks me if I have any of the food that is missing: stuffing, chicken or mashed potatoes. I giggle to myself at his distrust. oh…section hikers.

At lunch we saw the girl again and she offered us the food.

I’m tired. The end.


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