Terrapin Station Hostel

June 4 2016


Today I walked the single mile I fell short of the hostel. I arrived around 8am to find No-one reading in a chair and Flask shaving sassafras root to make tea. They were happy to see me and showed me where the shower was. This was possibly the best shower of my life. As I was cleaning up someone put on a record which seemed to echo in the bathroom. It was nice to have music and warm water. I was immersed in comfort.

When I left the bathroom I discovered the record played and the excellent collection of Grateful Dead, Beatles, Crosby Stills and Nash, Neil Young, Buffalo Springfield…there were so many amazing records. I have a new found love for records as a medium whereas before I thought it was just hip to prefer records.

I spent the day reading books about music history and hanging out with other guests. We flipped through the owner’s PCT thru-hike photo album. This is the place where thoughts of hiking the PCT began to formulate.


Later in the day Flask and No-one left the hostel and Just Mike eventually waltzed in. Gooroo was a few days ahead evidently. I found a box with his hiker name and accidentally found out his real name.

This place is by far my favorite hostel on trail.



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