1,000 Miles

June 6 2015


Just Mike, Bloop Bleep and I started out as a group today. I was pumped about the roller coaster so I ran ahead. We saw each other off and on all day. Just Mike had a dog follow him for a long while.

Toward the end of the day I was starting to feel exhaustion setting in as I approached Bear’s Den. At the top of a small climb I found hoards of people. I made my way along the cliff’s edge quickly to avoid the usual questions. I scampered back into the woods only to find an eight lane highway crossing awaiting me. I walked along the revoltingly hot road ,following the white blazes, waited for awhile until it was clear to pass, and bolted across the road like a frightened deer.

I picked up the trail on the other side and found the 1,000 mile marker which I crossed with Bloop Bleep.

As the sun started to fade, I found myself waiting for the guys at a nice spring. I sat there for awhile wondering if I should make camp or try to reach the Blackburn Hiking Center. When the group collected we agreed to push on to Blackburn.

When we arrived we found a dinner awaiting us. It was such a relief to be fed because I lacked the energy to form thoughts. I took a solar shower and slept deeply. I loved this hostel, especially after the long, intense day.


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