Hiking with Just Mike and Bloop Bleep


June 5 2015

Today I walked all day with Bloop Bleep and Just Mike. We are getting very close to Harper’s Ferry and the halfway point! Just before we reach West Virginia there is a stretch of trail called the roller-coaster, a 13.5 mile length of trail with several 500 ft. climbs. I want to run it!

Trail Log, June 4 2015:

Terrapin Station Hostel

The records are turning and trails are merging, they diverge and float along, like a river flowing into an unknown path, an unknown future. Warmth is good for a weary soul. Songs are good for the tired eyes, tired of crying for water while being soaked to the bone. Sadness from the crashing rain and trails merging. How do we let go, how do we find when it seems as if it is dissolving. “Don’t let it bring you down, it’s only castles burning.”

Boiling sassafras tea while drinking boxed wine out of soda cans. Neil Young giving belated words of wisdom as we lose and find each other. Some left behind, some found again. None of it matters in the end except right here, right now.

This place is warming my soul. I am trying to deal with this constant state of denial, this consistent dislike that hurts. I am trying to find my stability. Everything is going to be alright. Everything is going to be Okay. Ok?


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