Halfway Siesta 1,094.6 Miles

June 11 2015


Today was a frustrating day. I was planning on meeting my parents in Boiling Springs, but to get there I would have to beat cheeks. After hiking with the guys this morning we took a nap at a shelter. It was a hot day. It was siesta weather.

Chezwick passed out first, then each hiker gradually curled up for a nap in the shade. I wandered off and did my routine yoga in the shade of the forest. The grass was soft and the world was green from all angles and perspectives. One of my favorite things about doing yoga on trail was looking at the trees upside down between my legs. And hearing the birds and my own breath when it was time to relax into a deeper mindset.

I awoke from corpse pose as everyone began stirring. I had made up my mind to hike on ahead of the group so I wouldn’t fall too far behind them when I got off trail to meet my mom. I said goodbye and walked off at a fast pace.

But something held me back.

I stopped mid hike and called my mom. I rescheduled to see her at the half way marker so I could spend one last night with my friends. My mom and Kevin were happy to meet me in another spot. I forgot how easy it was to travel 15 miles in a car. So I waited, sitting on my pack, to let someone in the group know that I was waiting to see halfway with them.

In about five minutes Flask appeared and I told him I was staying. He seemed happy so we walked on together until we reached the halfway marker. At the halfway point I flipped through my pictures and thought about all of my experiences so far. I was overwhelmed with memories.

We sat and waited for everyone, chatting about random philosophy. This was the first day I really hiked with Flask. We walked into camp together, talking about anything and everything. I was happy to be with this group at this place. It was special.

It changed everything.


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