Night hike to a view


June 13 2015

Today I hiked 34 miles. Today I didn’t write anything. But Flask helped me draw a picture! He drew it; I colored it.

I met my friends just before Duncannon where Flask and No one were leaving trail for a week. I waltzed in just as the sun was setting and made dinner after a long day. We night hiked out to a view and had a fire. I surprised Flask with a beer and my presence. This was by far my longest day on trail.

I also came up on Chezwick first when I caught up with the group…he was sitting in the middle of trail drinking beer out of a cooler he found in the woods. I sat down and had  a few beers with him. When we started hiking again we found a large group of people wandering in the woods, off trail…we assumed the cooler was probably theirs and picked up our pace. At some point there was also live music in the woods.

Today felt like traveling. I walked all day through towns and rolling farm lands. I walked far.

Trail log:

Night Hike to a View

Our last night as a hiker family started for me after a long thirty three mile day. My longest day, but not my most difficult day.

I walked into camp proud and hurting a little, weak from hunger. And he looked, looked again in disbelief. After a few moments reality settled in and I found myself alone on this day.

We sat around, chatted in the late evening. The the shit storm exploded with a stream of foul language from Darwin’s tent. What a couple of angry disembodied voices; it seemed as if the tents themselves were yelling at us to shut the fuck up.

So we left. We all night hiked back to a fire pit along trail. Four hikers ravaging trees for wood, little spheres of light flickering in the darkness. The city lights moved about in the distance, red and blue police, no sounds but sights of light far away. Our distant peace looking out over an expanse known only in it’s vague entirety. Flames were licking at the sky, a signal to no-one because no-one was looking. Blue darkness that we all got lost in, a night of magic and a night to say goodbye. Will we only ever remember that last moment? Or do we remember that first moment when we meet, when we were strangers, never seen you before, might never see you again, but then you become someone in my life, someone that I can’t forget and don’t want to miss. I remember that pause when you all became part of my life. I only regret not saying hello a little sooner. And not saying goodbye with a happy certainty that I would see you again soon.

Hiking will fix the problem, but cause the problem. I need to learn to be patient.

I think my tent is melting. What happens to duct tape deferred? Does it shrivel up like a raisin in the sun? Does the tent melt and collapse or does it explode?

Each time it happens it breaks my heart. Should I let my heart harden? Maybe I should be more removed. Or maybe not at all, a resonance of myself, so confused and covered up that I don’t even know myself anymore. Too many people and not enough hiking. Too much talking and not enough moving. I hate zero days.




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