No matter where you are:I miss you



June 9 2015

I packed up my soaked gear and headed to the Washington memorial. I sat at the top and chatted with my parents for awhile. I was wishing for them. It was a place they would have liked a lot. I sat alone wishing for family often on trail.

Today I met Marbles, a young flip-flopper who was on day 2 of trail.

Around lunchtime I found the best trail magic: a cooler of beer. Lunch was amazing today ❤

In the evening I met a crazy shirtless guy with a scary big walking stick. He didn’t seem to know where he was going or what trail he was on. I was happy when my group of hiker friends showed up at the shelter. I was worried because I hadn’t seen them in a few days ,and I was trying to hike with them. I was overjoyed to see them again. I had packed out smores with the intention of sharing…but at this point were mostly consumed except for some mangled marshmallows. We roasted the marshmallows anyway. I think we also camped with Miles again this night. It occurred to me tonight that we had all been hiking together since Tennessee. What a baffling concept. I met all of these people in Tennessee (except Marbles).



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