Visits in Pa


June 14 2015

Today the group walked together. We stood at a lookout and stared down at town. We sat there for a long time thinking about what was about to happen. The group was splitting up here. I know the guys were excited to get home and see family, but it meant we probably wouldn’t cross paths again. There was an excitement and a sadness.

I was excited because my oldest friend was coming to visit me. We hadn’t seen each other in years. I met her in preschool before our memories had completely formed. We’ve kept in touch over the years even after long spans of not talking. She is the only person, other than my mom and Kevin, who came to see me on trail. It doesn’t seem like much when it happens, but she will always part of my hike as she is my life. She is in my memory of trail. When I think back on this day, I find it extremely moving to remember her from my childhood and as part of this life changing adventure. She is such a strong part of my life.

Thank you for coming out lady ❤

She picked me up at The Doyle. Flask and No-one climbed into a car and drove away as I was throwing my pack into her car trunk. I waved as they pulled away. I remember saying, “It’s too bad; I really like that guy. I’m sorry if I am sad today.”

We drove to a larger town and found a motel room where we spent the night chatting and  drinking hard ciders while listening to the sound of a downpour. I was thankful to be inside. I was thankful to have a close friend visiting. Support comes in many forms! Sometimes showing support just means showing up.




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