The trail provides <3

June 16 2015


I woke up before sunrise and hiked out. I walked across the murky Sesquehanna River in the hazy wake of exhaust. I intended to camp with Gooroo, but was contacted by Gigi and Magoo, my former lunch companions. We had been communicating and they lived nearby. I hiked onward to a road crossing and crawled into their car.

They took me home for the night, fed me, bought me ice cream, treated me like family and made me forget the troubles of the day before. This magic came just at the right time. I remember being nervous that I would still be in my funk while visiting them, but they pulled me back into a positive mindset, dusted me off and put me right back on trail the next day with a newly formed energy. I was excited to walk.

Gigi and Magoo promised to see me later as South-bounders as they were flip-flopping.

New friends and trail angels ❤ Thanks guys! You were such a huge part of my hike.



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