Not so solo

June 19 2015


I hiked all day alone. I found Silent Force, Earth, Gooroo, Flip, Bloop Bleep and Take-it-easy hanging out at a shelter. We all tried to dry out our feet and shoes by putting them in the only sunlight we could find. The skin on my feet was waterlogged and had been peeling off all day. Trench foot is a big problem during wet days on trail. I used foot powder to help regulate the damage to my feet.

The shelter smelled as if someone urinated in the corner so I hiked on to find a campsite.

I was feeling desperate after hiking a ways without seeing any sites when the perfect site presented itself. I set up my tent and happily made camp exactly the way I liked to when I camped solo. I loved my nights alone and was reveling in the solitude. I worked for an hour to get a fire burning with wet wood but only succeeded in creating lots of smoke to rid myself of swarms of mosquitoes. I hung my bear bag perfectly and strung up my wet gear. Just as dinner was ready the fire burst into flames. And at that exact moment I heard someone say my name. I looked up to see Just Mike walking along trail.

I was thrilled to see him again and invited him into camp. He wanted to get to town, but camp was made and there was a roaring fire going. I offered to hang his bear bag and reassured him that he wasn’t invading my space. I was happy someone got to witness the success of my fire work. We chatted  and had dinner.I was happy to be reunited with an “old hiking buddy.”


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