June 20-21 2015

Columbo, Silent Force and I hiked hard to town this morning. We waited for Just Mike at the barber shop and watched as they tried to convince hairy hikers to get haircuts. They made a pot of gumbo and offered hikers cookies and rides to town.

Silent Force, Just Mike and I hitched a ride to Hamburg with a mini-van that was dropping Gooroo off on trail. I gave him a hug and waved goodbye as we drove in for beer and re-supply. I’m not sure why I went to town but we had a fun night of drinking and hopping around to different hotel rooms full of hikers. Colombo and Earth were a lot of fun to hang out with!

I vaguely remember playing darts. I vaguely remember this being very dangerous. We found proof of the winner written on the back of a fry box.


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