Getting out of town

June 22 2015


I hiked out with Silent Force today. The morning began with a terrifying road walk alongside a four lane highway to get back to trail. The AT followed dirt roads for most of the day and we got to the shelter later than expected on account of walking right by it. Clarity, Earth, Silent Force and I sat around and enjoying cold pizza hiked out from town when the shelter maintainer suddenly emerged from the house on the property and chucked otter pops at us.

I have to be honest: I really hated Pa. This was my least favorite state. I think the best part was learning to walk over rocks of all shapes and sizes in preparation for Maine. The worst part was not the rocks, but my longing for the group that had disintegrated in Duncannon. The weather was also amazingly bad. And the rocks did kind of suck. I won’t have any trail logs until around July 3rd.


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