Falling Apart

June 28 2015


Here is a picture of DG being immature with a sausage wrapper.

I caught up with my old hiking friends near the highest point in NJ, but they were headed to town so we said goodbye again. They invited me to town. I wish I had gone, but I felt like a burden.

I hiked hard today; I was determined to hike the state of NJ in two days, but fell short about five miles. I stayed at a nice cabin when I noticed that I had chaffed my legs bloody. I was embarrassed when I noticed that I had hiked until I bled. At first I thought that my period had started, but quickly realized that it was painful chaffing. I had no idea about body glide or other hiking lubricants until this moment.

In the summer, especially when sweaty or in rain, it is necessary to put some form of lubricant on your legs and crotch. Yeah, yeah, TMI

But for anyone hiking: invest in some Body Glide or Lanacane (I used this one) ! You will love yourself later. Also, to avoid losing toenails or pieces of your feet: foot powder. It is worth its weight.

I examined my wounds in the outdoor shower behind the cabin. The property was a gem of the AT: A four-five man cabin with an outdoor shower nestled just off trail. As I sat down to put on dry socks I noticed that I was losing a couple toenails. I was falling to pieces.


One comment

  1. You poor thing! Great advice on the Body Glide and powder. I will definitely put that on my list of things to bring on my CT hike. Swift healing to you.


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