What real hikers eat

June 29 2015


Short, easy walk to town today. Just Mike went on ahead to a different town, but I had a box to go get so I stuck to my usual plan. Lot’s of fun walking this morning! I finally saw Bloop Bleep’s trail magic!!!!

When I got to the road crossing today I stuck out my thumb and waited for a hitch. A group of us were standing on a sharp curve of a busy road. I decided to walk down to a parking area where standing was safer. Just as I throw up my thumb, a car with a camper pulls over. I see a flash of what looks like Magoo driving. Then up pulls Gigi right behind. I’m astounded by how these things happen. Gigi and Magoo gave us a ride to town and we all ate lunch together. They had been up North on a camping trip and happened to find out I was nearby. This is the last time I saw Gigi and Magoo on trail. It was a magical, unplanned reunion.

Tonight I slept at a church hostel. They were very kind to us. One of the members drove Duster to a dentist to get his tooth removed. He was healing at the hostel when I arrived. I also had tooth pain so I was thinking about doing the same. Instead I made an ice cream sandwich with donuts:


Explains why I needed a root canal later. Thanks for the picture fellow hiker!!!




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