Taking it easy again


Gooroo and Jesus


I hiked all day with Gooroo! It was a beautiful sunny day. We crawled up and scrambled down climb after climb. We saw a waterfall and Gooroo met Jesus! I had to have a picture because it made me laugh.

We wandered through the cliffs of New York and squished through the lemon squeezer. This section had a seven foot rock climb. Gooroo did it with his pack on and he helped me throw my pack up so I could climb without weight. And as usual…told me my pack was too heavy. I wish I had listened to everyone before it was too late.

We took a siesta on a rock in the sun later in the day. We both felt abnormally exhausted. While I was sleeping on my pack, the lid popped off of my alcohol bottle and my fuel leaked everywhere. When I woke up, I found that my fuel for cooking was mostly gone.

We stayed the night one of the oldest shelters on the AT. It was a lovely stone shelter with a view. I freaked out for awhile about cooking when I thought back to Flask’s fire cooking. I scrounged around for wood to make a fire. DG and I cooked out dinners over a fire inside the shelter.

Later in the evening Chezwick showed up wearing lime green, ladies flip-flops and bearing ridiculous amounts of fireworks for a hiker. A good night with good people ❤


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