Bill and Amy: My Trail Family; My Trail Angels <3

July 6th-10th 2015


Bill and Amy took me in for much longer than I would have imagined.

The day after we went skydiving I had a visit with a dentist. It was Amy’s family dentist and it was Sunday. He drove up the driveway and picked me up. We went into the office and he unlocked the closed door. He took his day off to work on my teeth. I had a bad tooth since Ga and hadn’t realized how serious it could be. The next day we did a root canal and I spent the next week healing up.

Amy was preparing for a big trail work days, so we went to Costco and bought three overflowing baskets full of food.

I was worried about Lyme disease because Chezwick was sick as well, so Amy helped get us to a doctor. He was prescribed medicine for lyme and stayed a few days to rest up. We were exhausted. We watched several activist documentaries about farming, food and pollution. It was nice to be still in a safe place. I don’t have enough thanks for Bill and Amy. They treated me like family. Amy felt like a best friend that I had known forever.

Bill showed Chezwick and I some great films: Base jumping footage and a film called Alone in the Wilderness which catalogs a mans life in an off-grid cabin in Alaska. It is a great film! Highly recommend it.

Be warned, Amy’s description of the film was “It’s great if you enjoy watching a man build a house for hours.”

I liked the slow pace of it. Life was slower for me.

Every morning Amy would put up a sign (this was my job during the stay) inviting people up to the house for waffles. During my time there I slowly started seeing people I had started with in Ga. People I hadn’t seen in months, in hundreds of miles…I saw Chip who my mom and I had stayed with at Walasi-yi.

The trail maintenance day came and I was excited to help! The night before Amy and I cooked a ton of chili and other sides. We got together food for grilling and snacks and took everything out to the RPH shelter. I looked after the food area and waited for someone to ask me to do work. I waited and nothing happened. No-one wanted a female to put on a hard hat. So I went inside the shelter and spackled all the holes in the walls. I cleaned the shelter and sanded everything down flat. As I was finishing the walls, up walked Flask and No-one. They looked exhausted.


I had been waiting for them to walk through! I was leaving after the trail work day and I had told them this was as long as I would be hanging out. It had been about three days since my teeth were feeling better. I was feeling the trail calling me and Chezwick had taken off awhile ago. I was getting back on trail or getting off for good.

I was happy to see Flask and No-one, but they seemed less than thrilled. They seemed quiet and sad. I know they were pensive because their friend who had hopped on trail had just gone home a few days before.

It was difficult to leave Bill and Amy. Amy had become a good friend, and I am terrible at long distance communication. Bill sat in the downstairs window as I waved goodbye. One last look back he was waving, smiling in the basement window with the Kitten and his cat. What a happy family filled with interesting trail stories. I miss them dearly.

Trail Log:

Sometimes I am overtaken, overwhelmed with surprise at the kindness of strangers. It is so much easier to give than it is to receive. I spent the last week living with two trail angels. The fed, housed and hung out with me all week. Amy feels like someone I’ve known forever, a good friend. I am going to Maine with their compassion! No more pain ^_^


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