Hiking with Flask and No-one

IMG_4943July 14 2015IMG_4945IMG_4947IMG_4948IMG_4949IMG_4950

Trail Log:

The next morning we had breakfast at a stream campsite. The privy at this campsite is notable as it was a toilet in the woods, no walls and not located out of sight. It was a sort of absurd, surreal experience to sit on a toilet just plopped down in the middle of camp. A wall-less wonder.

I didn’t think much of pooping in view of everyone. I was getting used to that being a natural and common attribute of being human.

My leg is getting worse. We did 18 miles to a campsite and I was exhausted. I’ve never been so tired. At this point I’m not sleeping well and the pain is getting unbearable.

Flask is still trying to master zipping my broken tent door. It is pretty cute to watch him struggle to close it shut, it’s been broken since Virginia.

Today we hiked and met up with no-one again. We stopped at a church on a roadwalk today and found a bat in the lobby. He was quite cute, but alarming in his behavior. We all camped in a tiny site with a lovely view tonight. We all sat there and looked out over the mountains that we would be climibing tomorrow. The mountains were picturesque, framed against a rolling farm field and shaded blue with clouds.

I am happily imagining the promises of climbs, but sitting happily, relaxed in someone’s arms.


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