Sage’s Ravine

July 15th 2015



The next morning we all moved along. I missed the guys in Salisbury. I thought maybe they were finally going to leave me behind. I was moving slower these days and feeling worse with each step. Salisbury was a lovely town, picture perfect, but I failed to take any pictures. I found the guys at Riga Shelter along with Sota’ Sam who then hiked with me all day.

We stopped for a swim in Sage’s Ravine in the afternoon. It was nice to experience a new place that the guys had nostalgia for.

That night we camped with Tato and TNT in a very nice spot. The forest was thick with pines that rained down pine needles when the wind was blowing. We had dinner on a wooden tent platform. Flask hiked up a brick of bread from town, some interesting cheeses and tequila and shared with everyone. The day was filled with amazing views and swimming in sages ravine.  We hit 1500 miles today and crossed into Massachusetts. We shared traveling stories around the fire and slept well on the soft pine needles.


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