Stealthing with Flask

July 12 2015


Today I packed out a very heavy pack after a resupply. I made a mistake here because I had food sent to Bill and Amy’s, bought food and resupplied. My pack was way too heavy.

In the evening we hiked on past the shelter and up a mountain. I felt my first twinge of pain at the shelter. It was a pang and my hip completely gave out for a second. I didn’t think much of it. I thought it was a cramp. We walked along a raging river and climbed a ridge somewhere in Connecticut. It was funny to be hiking with Flask again through the state he was born and raised in.

We found a nice flat spot on top of the ridge and made a camp in the leaves. We cleared a spot and made a tiny smoke fire to clear off the mosquitoes. We started staying together at this point even though we had both sworn off all trail romance.

It made everything really nice for a short while and incredibly difficult for the remainder of trail. Not only did my leg not get better, but our time together was very short lived. There is a great irony here that I find both humorous and painful. I can’t help but think that my greatest mistake on trail was waiting for someone who wouldn’t wait for me. It took a lot of forgiveness for us to remain a couple in the face of that. It took a lot of thinking, understanding, talking and a few wise words from a very good friend of mine.

When I was off-trail she said to me “If he had stayed behind with you, then you wouldn’t want to be with him. You don’t like people like that.”

She’s right. Thanks Christine! ❤


Trail Log:

Back on trail after six days off and feeling like I’m in a lot of pain. My leg is out and I’m not sure why.

I haven’t been too inclined to write on this trip, but now that I am hiking with them I am more than happy.

There are so many stories left untold on this trail and so much left by the dulling of what once was so clear.

The first night back on trail was a night of five second judgements. We met a crazy drunk guy at a shelter. The next day we moved along , me trailing behind as always. No-one was home for a few days and we decided to stealth in the woods. It was the first time I had camped alone with another person at a stealth campsite. We made a small smoky fire to chase off the bugs. Once we got to talking I finally awkwardly and stumblingly we came to the conclusion that we would try being romantic.

We cooked together and had dinner like any other night. We left our packs in his tent, referred to as the garage from now on and cuddled  all night in my stinky green tent.



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