Yellow Blazing to Dayton

July 18-19 2015

This was my first and only yellow blaze. I left Upper Goose Pond Cabin this morning feeling pretty poorly. TNT and Tato found me stretching my leg on a tree, hugging it and crying. They told Flask and he was waiting a few miles away at the road crossing where we were going to meet his dad.

Flask was supposed to hike with his father, but plans fell through and it was a rainy day. When his dad arrived Flask took off to hike the 20 miles to Dayton. We drove another hiker to a grocery store not far away and on our way back the road crossed the AT up the mountain. As we passed that spot Flask popped out of the woods, so we laughed and waved.

Flask’s dad drove me to a trail angel’s house in Dayton where I spent the day cleaning up and resting. I am super thankful to have had the sense to skip and rest. I am even more thankful that I had a ride with Flask’s dad. It made everything seem less unbearable.

Later in the day all the hikers started to arrive in town. It had been pouring rain so they were all covered in mud from head to toe. It was like a mud parade. Eventually everyone had collected on the porch, and we  were all thinking about food. We wandered to a nearby gas station and this weirdo with a mask came running up to us.

It didn’t take us long to figure out it was Chezwick.

I think this is the night I went to dinner with No-one, his girlfriend Anna and Flask. It was so difficult to pretend to not be in pain. I knew this was one of my last nights with them so I wanted to go out with them, but exhaustion made me less than exciting. When I think back to this night I see it a little like a date with Flask because of the awkwardness. He was preoccupied with being awkward and I was preoccupied with pain. We had been in the woods together for awhile. It’s funny how the civilized world puts all those rules and roles right back into our actions and thoughts. There was certainly some cognitive dissonance happening on multiple levels.

I think we spent the next day in town, with the hopes that my leg might heal.

No-one tried to eat a 12 egg Godzilla Omelet. It was sickening to watch.




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