Ofie, Lord Of The Ring

July 20 2015

I hiked today like any other day; I walked as far as I could. Today we all left town together. My leg was jarred as we road walked to where the AT picked up almost seamlessly.

When we got back in the woods The guys moved on ahead of me. When I got to the shelter they were having a snack, but they clearly were not staying. I couldn’t push myself to climb Greylock before sunset, so we said our goodbyes. I think we all kind of knew that this was the place to part. But it still didn’t feel nice parting on such unwilling terms.

The shelter was crowded that night. Most people were tenting, and everyone was super friendly. We all sat at the table for awhile then the guys slowly made their intentions of moving vocal. A few keen observers in camp knew exactly what was going on. I was stretching on the rafters of the shelter when they took off. Flask came over and said goodbye. I pretended it was all OK …not such a big deal.

I moped down to the stream to get water, but I met a guy named Ofie at the water source. We were chatting about what it means to lose one’s group because he had noticed when it happened. I talked to him about trail relationships and my connection to the group. He was pretty angry, probably angrier than I was, by the end of the conversation. He had been left too so we had some common ground.

But then we both got distracted by this amazing thing. He noticed my salmon ring and asked me if I had another very similar ring. I was surprised by his question because I gave the other one to Chim as one of Captain Planet’s rings. I had this silly idea of giving my favorite people power rings, but I couldn’t find nice enough rings on trail. But anyhow, he must have lost it, and Ofie found it in the Smoky Mountains! I sent Chim an angry text asking if he had lost the ring (I was teasing). Not long after trail Ofie found me on wordpress and sent the ring back to me. I wear it everyday as its match broke while I was hiking in Maine.

The ring made me think back to the beginning of trail. The enormity of it all made my present troubles seem small and insignificant. It was my favorite kind of trail magic.

Ofie and I talked until we turned out our headlamps and went to sleep. We both slept early because we were early risers, and I was planning on catching sunrise on top of Greylock  as my first solo endeavor. Because that’s what I do. I watch the sunrise from the tops of mountains.

Thanks Ofie!!!! I hope I spelled your name right ^_^



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