Day hiking with Mother Earth

July 22-26


I thought that hiking without weight would help, but I was so far gone that any walking at all was further injury. I walked eight miles with my mom over October Mtn. in Mass. We pitched our tents at the Cookie Lady’s farm for the night and picked a bucket of blueberries in the morning.  We took a drive up to the top of Mt. Greylock just to occupy our time. It was fun to show her where I had been these past few weeks.

I tried a deep tissue massage to see if I could loosen up my leg muscles. It helped a ton, but hurt like nothing I have ever felt before. The pain was almost unbearable. The massage therapist told me that I might have ripped a groin muscle or rather that it was so tight that it could snap. She also told me that I might have sprained my IT band.

wow. I just did a little research and this website kind of nails it:

I was diagnosed later with an overuse injury.

My mom decided to head home. I still wasn’t recovering so we hopped in the car and began to drive home. I remembered that I had a friend in Pittsburg, Pa and decided to pay her a visit. One thing turned to another and I was staying for her to recover. I spent the next week in Pa with my friend Veta, her husband Peter and their energetic baby Malachi.

Trail Log:

July 26 off trail in Bennyton

We left today after three days off trail. I kept thinking that my leg would get better. Maybe I could stretch it, maybe I could walk it back to normal, maybe ice, maybe hot, maybe drink enough water and I will be able to walk again.

Day four off trail and the pain has not subsided.

I keep thinking that this might be it, might be the end of my hike.

I often wonder about my injury and the timing and circumstances.

I fell in love with someone who does not love me. As quickly as it came, it went. I could die if I weren’t so distracted with my independence. I’m not afraid anymore. I’m not afraid to drive a car, to hike alone, to go to town or to do anything by myself. So now I find that I no longer need to be alone.

As soon as I begin to feel this independence, I get an injury that leaves me alone and struggling. Perfect irony.


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