Mother Earth to the Rescue!

July 24 2015


New Stove

And a recycled backpack.

Trail log:

Mother Earth drove sixteen hours to see me tonight. We are going to spend some time hiking and poking around to see if my leg will heal. I can’t walk ten feet to the bathroom. I am on the verge of crawling for functionality.

Is it selfish to love another?

It seems selfish to assume that you know a stranger and that they exist as a separate entity. The justification for this way of being seems to be rooted in the existence of senses and of the body, there are separate bodies; therefore we must have an other. But these senses are shared via the inter-connectedness of experiences. Love is only selfish if the bodies are not enacted due to a conflict of wills or a lack of reception to connection. It might be a question of distance and that is why it is so sad to be left.


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