Veta and Family

July 28-August 1


Trail Log: No Tent

There I was sitting on the steps of my old friend’s house. We hadn’t seen one another in ten years. I was sitting there drinking a hard cider, leg propped up, writing…when  my tent shifted gently, then suddenly and dramatically collapsed on the ground.

My tent poles snapped in three places at once. This was the lowest moment in my entire hike. My leg was broken, my tent was broken, my heart was broken, my confidence was gone, but I kept pushing…because I’m really stubborn.

Trail Log:

A letter to a friend:

Dear Christine,

I don’t have an envelope so god knows when I will send this.

Right now I am tented in my old high school buddy’s backyard. I don’t think I can handle this. I really wish that I could just get back to hiking! I am visiting my friend. She is super busy with her one year old son. I feel badly being so needy.

I wish I could just make my leg better and hit the trail, but I still can’t walk. It’s really killing me. I’ve never been this emotional about anything in my life. And I’m not really in a good place. I might try to get back on trail soon because I just can’t handle this.

I think I will go camp at a shelter because it is a better place for me to rest without the stresses of modern life suddenly mixed in too.  I don’t want to be anywhere else but on trail right now.

I got your letter finally! Thanks for the patch- I love it! I love the concept too ❤

I sewed the patch on with my tent repair kit. : )


I think that I am going to hop a greyhound bus soon, so that should be fun. I need to rest, but I can’t seem to convince myself to stop for awhile.

I can’t believe I met a guy. I can’t believe that it started so quickly and disappeared just overnight. Everything feels as if it is against me right now and I am too injured to push back against it to hold my own.

I feel defeated, like I am crumbling under the weight of my own independence. Now I need to pick myself up, heal and try to believe that it will all work out if I keep trying.

I can’t give enough thanks to Veta and her family for allowing me to enter their lives in my condition. I was smelly, sad and limping around. I wasn’t a joy to be around. Veta fed me, took me to a doctor and helped me get medications without which I would have gone home. It was a great way to reconnect with an old friend because anyone who was involved with my hike has become much closer to me. It was a spiritual experience and their help, concern and love is what made it possible for me to continue. Thank you Veta. ❤ And thank you for not telling me the obvious, for not telling me to go home as everyone else did.




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